Race for the Cure 2014 – A Patient’s Testimony


Together We Can Achieve the Best Possible Outcomes

Below is a letter from a patient with a follow-up from Dr. Gill…

My name is Janice Dunlap and I am a 49 year old mother of 3. In addition to being a devoted wife and mom I spent my entire adult life focused on my own fitness and nutrition.

Some months ago, I found a lump in my breast. Less than 2 weeks later I was in Dr. Gill’s office at Gresham Women’s Healthcare. Dr. Gill examined me and said “You need to have a mammogram tomorrow!” That led to biopsies and within days I was told the results: stage two breast cancer.

Dr. Gill was the first professional to tell me that I would have an advantage in dealing with the treatment and recovery, due to my dedication to fitness. I had my doubts, but resolved to meet the challenge. With the help and encouragement of my team of doctors, nurses and family, I managed to stay positive. I came through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and continued to work out and run through it all.

As a survivor, I look forward to supporting the Race for the Cure together with my same support system including my family, friends, Dr. Gill and Gresham Women’s Healthcare.

Response from Dr. Gill

We at Gresham Women’s Healthcare strive to “DO THE RIGHT THING”! We take our patients’ symptoms and complaints very seriously and we always assist them in navigating the healthcare world to ensure they receive the follow up and treatment they need.

We believe in both evidence based medicine but also in the importance of a holistic approach to patient care. We recognize that there is a great amount of healing power in healthy nutrition, fitness and a strong mind. It is our foremost goal to practice preventive medicine with the intention to keep our patients healthy, detect disease early and to support them with this holistic approach if they ever face disease. This way together we can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Diana Gill MD

We provide comprehensive Women’s Health Services and partner with you to promote and maintain your wellness.

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